What are you grateful for?

An air of anticipation and excitement descends upon our little chocolate shop this time of year. We take a great deep breath in the fall as we prepare for the busy holiday season. We prepare and plan; always overextending and trusting in what we know…but fear can be gripping for a small business…and not just as an owner. I take all of my employees with me on this great adventure every year and they never fail to surprise and inspire me. Now there is a great sense of gratitude and relief. There is confidence in our planning. Sugar boils away and the chocolatiers bustle in the kitchen, phone rings, orders come in…customers compliment and the season begins. We appreciate our loyal customers and are grateful to be appreciated for what we bring to the community. We are very small business as businesses go, and remain committed to the quality standard and handmade element of our product. Thank you for shopping with us this holiday season, and any other time you need a special gift or handmade chocolate treat! And don’t forget to mark your calendar for a Candy Cane Making Demonstration! We have been making Candy Canes in Stowe for at least 12 years! Our Candy Cane Making demonstrations happen every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11am (and at 11 and 2 on Saturdays) starting November 26th and going through December 21st.

candy canecandy canes
Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Laughing Moon Chocolates!

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