sauce2 sauce jars


Why should I do this?
Because its FUN, DELICIOUS and you haven’t had enough fun lately.

What do I need to do?
Take a picture of Chocolate Sunshine anywhere you like to eat it, however you like to use it and submit it to us! We might use your photo on Facebook or Instagram and you might win a CASE of Chocolate Sunshine. Share it or hoard it…we won’t tell.

When do I need to enter by?
We will choose a winner on July 4th and entries will be accepted until June 30th 2015

We made this video in collaboration with Northbranch Media as an example of what you can do with Chocolate Sunshine. It makes amazing Fondue, Hot Chocolate, Hot Fudge, Spread on Toast or Strawberries…or even  eaten by the spoonful!

Springtime in Vermont is all about maple syrup and exploding green. We are excited to be launching our Chocolate Sunshine photo contest at this time of year and introducing this amazing product to the public. Chocolate Sunshine is a thick, spreadable, chocolate sauce sweetened with Vermont Maple Syrup and Organic Brown Rice Syrup. It is made using a 70% cocoa content Fair Trade, Organic, Soy-free chocolate and fresh Vermont dairy and butter. If you haven’t already tried it NOW is the time! Click here to be directed to our website, where you can purchase Chocolate Sunshine by the jar.

Fill out the form below and email your photo or photos to or post them on Facebook or Instagram with hashtag #ChocolateSunshinePhotoContest

Good Luck and ENJOY the Sunshine!

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