LogoColoredMoon5_26 (2)FullSizeRender (3)On this morning’s run I thought about a half marathon in the fall, perhaps in a warm climate. I like having a specific goal, or a good running partner to motivate me. I get bored otherwise. I thought about chocolate sauce and all the normalcies that occupy my mind; employees, customers, relationships, whether I am doing anything right. Maybe I need a business partner? How am I going to get through this week? Am I doing enough? We have a lot of exciting stuff happening at Laughing Moon but it is a stress-fully slow time. We are focused on fresh packaging design, a new logo, truffles for the Hotel Vermont, ongoing Chocolate Making Workshops…

But one thing has FullSizeRenderoccupied my thoughts over the last month more than anything else. Following the Nepal earthquake many people asked my thoughts about organizations to contribute to. I spent a year there as part of a University program from 1999-2000 and have been back twice since with my family. I have friends there, and have luckily reached everyone except our Sherpa friend in Kathmandu who I amFullSizeRender (2) still looking for. Now there is a new recovery fund focused on rebuilding Nepal differently…This fund was launched yesterday by an organization called POSSIBLE, a Partners in Health organization which operates a hospital in rural western Nepal. POSSIBLE has created a replicable, model system for healthcare in Nepal and are ready to launch a rebuilding effort focused on infrastructure and resiliency. I believe this is a worthwhile place to give for long term rebuilding. I have also been in touch with Job Heintz the director of The Himalayan Cataract Project (HCP), one organization we have partnered with at Laughing Moon through our fund raising chocolate program. HCP has utilized their existFullSizeRender (1)ing infrastructure, hospitals, remote clinics, doctors and nurses to deliver aid and raise funds for the immediate needs of people still living under tarps. They’re based in Waterbury, Vermont.

Thinking about Nepal always puts things in perspective and makes me grateful to be able to go for that morning run.

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